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Representable colors with LED light

Following luminous colours measured in degrees Kelvin (°K) are representable with LED:

> warm white (2800-3200°K)    
> neutral white (3200-4000°K)   
> daylight white (4000-6400°K)

Much more important for the quality of lighting is the colour rendering, i.e. how colours are rendered in the light of emitted by a LED. The colour rendering is described by means of an index (Ra) or CRI (colour rendering index).

The highest values Ra=100 corresponds to the colour rendering of objects illuminated by daylight as colours look natural when they are perceived in daylight.

The Ra/CRI-value is a result of measuring the single colour components contained in the light spectrum and is very important for the selection of LED. But not only the selection of the LED is decisive for the quality of lighting – but also the temperature management and the driver for operating the LED!